Start Your Own Photography Challenge

I love taking pictures – capturing every moment as they say. But really, capturing the moment is harder than you think. It often requires planning, direction, scheduling and in some cases, motivation spawned from boredom.

So dash your boredom blues away and pick up your camera as I will treat you to a number of challenges that you can carry out in a social media group, photo club or run with on a solo adventure.

As well, I highly encourage the use of my ever growing resource portal, Essential Photography Skills and Tips, to share alongside the various challenges when you are posting to social media or as your own personal reference.

52 Week Photo Challenge for Everyone

One picture, once a week. Anyone can do this.

Challenge Level

Description: If you are intimidated by online social media, this is a great ice breaker. It is also quite effective at building beginner skill levels by introducing basic composition guidelines and allowing one to familiarize themselves with the different functions of their camera. To compliment this, the challenge list is sprinkled with a few helpful beginner tips.

This particular challenge is laid out from January to December, taking into account a temperate, 4 season climate. With this in mind, consider starting the challenge in the week that is current (ie. if you start the 1st week of March, it is most likely to be Week 9 on the challenge list.) Adjust your Weekly labels accordingly, including a due date.

What you will need to participate: The challenge list and 1 camera. Any sort of camera will do, as long as you can manage to extract photographs from it.

Suggestions: Try this challenge by setting up a social media group page and get all your friends involved. In fact, I run my own challenge here:

I also recommend that all participants have this list in advance and to tailor a few of the weekly challenges to suit your environment. Feel free to put in your own national holiday challenge as an example.

Stay tuned for Travel Challenges. You could consider these challenges more of a check list of photographs you should get when you take your next vacation.