Essential Photography Skills & Tips


This website is something of a passion of mine along with photography and my obsessive drive to curate the rule of 3rds. More on the rule of 3rds later because, you know, I’m obsessed according to some.

One of the reasons I started this particular collection of photographic data was, to be absolutely honest, looking for something different than your standard photo blog with me presenting a picture every other week and hoping somebody might make an offer to buy it. Don’t get me wrong – I tried this for awhile with zero success and quickly lost interest in what seemed a pointless endeavor. Some people can make it work, but I found it a tedious and boring process. And to be fair – this was part of my problem.

So – I endeavor to make it more interesting.

What I have discovered, however, is my ability to go on and on about the technical nuances of leading lines, photography rules, shutter speeds, ISO and aperture settings.

Uh-huh… you say. Still not seeing the interesting part, eh?

Well, I personally believe everyone has it in them to take good photographs. And today, it is rare to find a person that doesn’t have access to some form of camera at just about every waking moment. I only wish more people could use them better.

The content on this site is free for anyone with a mind to go through it and I encourage you to do so. Much of it has been garnered through my own personal experience and fully researched so I am not steering anyone wrong (at least I hope not). You will find basic instructions to more advanced techniques and, what I hope to be, useful tips for anyone with a desire to take better quality photographs.

I truly hope you find the content useful, easy to read, navigate and ultimately, help feed my obsession. 🙂

Best Regards,

Dale Sinclair

P.S. If you don’t find what you are looking for, please drop me a line and I will do everything I can to find the right information for you.