About the Artist

The wild places are what drives me. Paddling my canoe down a remote waterway in north western Ontario, cruising British Columbia’s Inside Passage with my kayak or hiking Cairngorms National Park in the Scottish Highlands. This is where I want to be. Every. Waking. Moment.

Not to be left out, I deeply admire all the world’s cultures from simple day-to-day reflections to the extravagance of ancient and modern architecture. Through my photography, if I can be so privileged to open the eyes of even one individual to the broader world it makes it all worth it.

Photography in of itself, gives me one more reason to be there – to spend more time exploring, capturing and sharing those images and experiences.

What I Do

Live Events: From sporting events to live concerts, this provides a great deal of excitement for any photographer. When I have the opportunity to capture moments in time of another artist or athlete giving everything they have, while doing what they love, it’s almost like I am doing it with them. My edge over the competition comes from participation as well – I have raced on foot across mountains, skied through northern forests, and both paddled and peddled across finish lines. I know what moments to look for.

Outdoor/Wilderness photography: Above all things, I live for remote wilderness trips to get away from the crazy. Strange to most I am sure, but nothing is better than lugging my camera gear & camping equipment great distances down ancient canoe routes with neither a road in sight nor the hum of modern conveyance. In these places I have taken what feels like thousands of pictures and without a doubt, I will take thousands more.

Travel Photography: In my head, although with some overlap, this is not quite the same as outdoor photography, but more of a cultural or social experience. With the aptitude to learn and the opportunity to communicate to others more about the greater world, its people and places is fascinating to say the least. I have a special place for old world history and …beer.

In the Studio:
My main interest is outdoor and adventure photography, but every now and again I crave that technical challenge to shoot with studio lighting and all the little technical gadgets, stands, surfaces and backdrops. I am sure this has a great deal to do with the extensive Information Systems background I have accumulated since the mid 1990’s.

My Signature Style

I like to tone down the colour and concentrate on the contrasts and details of my subject(s). I will use colour to make something stand out, but rarely will I make a black & white image and leave a single object red, for example. To me that’s almost like cheating (but has its place). The challenge is to get the subject in such a light to make that one colour pop and use post editing to enhance just the right tones within the image.

The Finer Points

Photography as Fine Art: Photographs presented in the right frame and environment are great to fill space and add conversation to a room, but I personally have an affection for canvas. It is a wonderful material that adds dimensional texture and warmth to nearly any image. Metal plates and textured art paper are interesting as well, but I will encourage canvas everytime if asked.

Media quality: Second to the photograph in question is what the work is printed on. I use nothing but the best and most trusted vendors who equally love and respect the work they do. Everything from shipping to the quality of the inks and archival grade print material is very important to me. In some cases, I can print my own work depending on the requirements of the job.

The website:I have developed this site on my own through trial and error. Eventually, caving in to the ease of using an open source, content management system, a few plugins and a commercially available, customizable theme. The photographs on the website are at least 1/5 of the original size/resolution and in some cases slightly compressed to allow a reasonably quick display without compromising quality too much.

Greentech: My site is hosted through a provider that has a 300% return on renewable wind energy. I also make every effort at my disposal to produce and if applicable, ship my product as efficiently as possible.