Kayaking Georgian Bay 9

Kayaking The Massasauga on Beautiful Georgian Bay

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It seems I never get tired of seeing these amazing places. The Massasauga Provincial Park on Georgian Bay is definitely one of them.

Sean, a friend and co-worker of mine don’t often get much of a chance to spend holidays together as we often have to back each other up when the other takes vacation. So, this was a rare chance we both managed to get a couple extra days off together and had a chance to hang out for a bit.

What made this trip a little different, is we both love photography. There was no need for restrained patience by anybody else while we fiddled with buttons and lenses. Nor did we feel rushed to move along.

All in, I think we may have completed 40-50km worth of paddling in the 3 days we were on Georgian Bay. However, not only can you spend your days paddling, but there are also a few trails to hike. The photo below, for example, was of a Smooth Grass Snake found on the Wreck Island trail. About a 4km hike and a great place for lunch with ample opportunities for photographs after the 10 or so kilometers we paddled out from our campsite.

In the end, we actually cut a day off of our planned trip in The Massasauga to split the time it was going to take us in any given day to drive home. We spent our last night in one of the Algonquin, highway 60 corridor campgrounds.

And lucky us, we got to see a bull moose stomp directly through the middle of our campground. He was even going the right way.

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