Rapids near High Falls

Algonquin’s Barron Canyon and a Natural Water Park

In Wild Landscapes by Dale Sinclair

I never get tired of Algonquin’s short day paddle up the Barron Canyon and back. Of course you can reserve a site in the canyon and stay a night or make it part of a longer excursion as well as stay in the local Achray campground on Grande Lake.

This time I went with a few friends and was glad for the company.

The Barron Canyon route is a great place for beginners and experienced paddlers alike. There is a short portage (~400m) and you can be in and out of the canyon in about 4-5 hours including a stop for lunch.

If you are in the area for more than a day – the High Falls hike from either the Achray campground or the Barron Canyon Road will be an fantastic distraction. Here you will find a natural rock slide and several pools to paddle around in if you think to bring a blow-up floaty tube. It is highly recommended that kids and adults bring a life jacket along with them as well.

Don’t forget to bring your camera as you never know what else you might see along the way. The below photo of a Great Blue Heron was taken from the edge of our campsite, on the shores of Grande Lake.