Prince Edward County: For the Birds

In Birds, Country Living, Maritime, Wild Landscapes by Dale Sinclair

I spent 2 days visiting Presqu’ile and Sandbanks Provinicial Park in Ontario’s Prince Edward County (PEC) about 2 weeks back.

March through April and beyond in PEC is a popular destination for many migratory birds and there are ample opportunities to see hundreds of different species.


Prince Edward County. April 2017. Photo by Dale Sinclair

On this particular weekend I went with my father who has once again, after nearly 35 years without taking any photographs, has picked up a new fangled digital camera and is even in the process of learning Photo Shop. He is doing a fine job I might add, even though in the first few weeks of this venture had my phone ringing off the hook.

Aside from the birds we spent some time checking out the local inland sights as well and stopped at The Whistling Duck (formerly Dougalls) in Brighton – a wonderful seafood restaurant directly on the shores of Lake Ontario. If you decide to visit, especially in the summer season, I would recommend a reservation. Good food, wine and craft beer brewed conveniently next door at the Presqu’ile Brewery.

We did see a number of ducks, gulls, woodpeckers and songbirds and in a couple days I will be back to, hopefully, get some shots of the shore birds as they start their migration through the area.

Oh, and the wineries. There are a surprising number of wineries in PEC that have popped up in the last couple of decades. My next trip will definitely have a bit of sampling in the schedule and my next post may spend more time exploring that part of the county.


Osprey. April 2017. Photo by Dale Sinclair

Some final words: when visiting, one should have respect for the prohibited areas, not harass the shorebirds and keep a reasonable distance from any wildlife.